Bruce Caldwell - Web Developer

Bruce Caldwell

Senior Fullstack Engineer, NodeJS, React, PHP, DevOps

Self-driven senior PHP and NodeJS engineer. Experienced leader in API design, DevOps management, eCommerce, and growth-driven development.

Chess fanatic, aspiring game designer, lover of all things AI and metaphysics.

Job Experience

Freelance Consultant, Crypto & Marketing Engineer2019 - present

I assist a variety of businesses in creating stellar websites, decreasing load times, improving UI/UX, and increasing lead flow and data attribution.

My work primarily consists of architectural problem-solving, finding ways to structure projects in an optimal way, and creating content and marketing strategies to enable the highest return with the least possible amount of wasted effort.

Getting deep into code solutions is still a large part of my work, though mentoring others to enable them to create their own solutions and providing the resources to problem solve for themselves has also proven to be key.

CEO, Technical LeadBriine, LLC2020 - 2021

Briine enabled a small group of like-minded developers and marketing experts to collaborate and develop solutions with open discussion and a learning-focused environment.

Experimental in nature, the collective created an environment where projects leveraged new programming languages and tools focused specifically on what was ideal on a case-by-case basis.

The collective effort assisted members in advancing in their career goals, creating a network of experts that share ideas, visions, and solutions to this day.

Crypto Engineer, Fintech SpecialistBitPay, Inc2018-2019Core Responsibilities
  • Creating and updating internal tooling used by support and finance teams in the company.
  • Discovering and fixing bugs with internal endpoints and processes that affect the company's financial liability.
  • Writing code that performs complex currency conversions and interacts with thousands of records in a highly complex ecosystem.
  • Reporting progress and issues to several different teams and supervisors.
  • Added processes that lowered the company's financial liability in cases where millions of dollars were involved, and cut requirements for support by a large percentage.
  • Increased performance for several internal methods and processes to decrease server stress and lower latency across 70% of endpoints in the code base.
  • Increased security by reworking internal tooling to patch possible risks that could occur within the chain of command.
  • Assisted in the addition of new currencies that increased profits by 20%+.
Languages and Technologies

NodeJS, Angular, MongoDB, Bash, HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

Staff Engineer, NodeJSAMS Vans, LLC2017 - 2019Core Responsibilities
  • Providing ownership of the many web properties the company has.
  • Implementing and testing analytics and lead generation tracking as well as A/B testing.
  • Managing and working with a small team of marketers and developers to improve customer experience.
  • Updating internal CRM processes to maximize sales team efficiency.
  • Discussing business needs and providing consultation in C-level meetings.
  • Ported 30+ legacy websites from a platform built many years earlier with no available source code to modern languages, decreasing load times by 60%+ across the board.
  • Lowered bounce rates on some web properties by up to 80% in some situations.
  • Increased workable lead flow 20% working with the company's marketing manager.
  • Decreased server costs by 90% by moving from self-hosted servers at a colocation facility to the cloud.
Languages and Technologies

NodeJS, React, Angular, MongoDB, MySQL, PHP, Bash, AWS, HTML, CSS, JavaScript and Java.

Fullstack Engineer, No-SQL SpecialistNetJump2016 - 2017Core Responsibilities
  • Worked closely with database modeling, project management, and became more comfortable with goal expectation and project timescale.
  • Create API endpoints that interact with NoSQL databases.
  • Create views that pull data from API endpoints.
  • Design and create migrations for NoSQL databases.
  • Contributed to database models for client projects with specific needs.
  • Built application-level scripts and views used to power small businesses.
  • Developed solutions in an environment where language was a moderate barrier.
Languages and Technologies

NodeJS, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Bash, HTML, CSS, JavaScript and AWS.

Happiness Engineer, Engineering ApprenticeWebSharks, Inc.2014 - 2016Core Responsibilities
  • Provide quality technical support and detailed configuration instruction for a suite of WordPress plugins and themes.
  • Write and record articles and videos explaining and documenting various aspects of the products the company sold.
  • Relay customer needs to technical staff, and contribute to various code fixes and feature adds.
  • Assist in debugging code on many server platforms with varying configurations.
  • Created Knowledge Base Articles that improved support efficiency on popular topics.
  • Created response templates that were used by other members of the support staff to increase efficiency in support.
  • Assisted in finding and debugging issues in edge cases with payment processors to save our clients money and lower business liability.
Languages and Technologies

PHP, WordPress, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, jQuery and Bash.

Skill Breakdown

10 / 10
10 / 10
10 / 10
9 / 10
9 / 10
9 / 10
9 / 10
Laravel (Symphony)
9 / 10
Bash / Zsh
8 / 10
8 / 10
8 / 10
7 / 10

Projects I've Made


Projects I Love


Code Specialty

My coding background comes from years of working with many companies and individuals promoting and selling subscriptions, physical products, software, and everything in-between. Because I work closely with clients my strengths lie in my ability to turn inspiration into reality, providing adequate user experience while nailing SEO and pagespeed factors through tools like SEM Rush, Google Analytics and Lighthouse, and various statistical averages across the world.

A breakdown of my focuses is below:

10 / 10
9 / 10
SEO / Marketing
8 / 10
8 / 10

Other Interests

I have industry-relevant experience in the following demographics:
  • Ecommerce
  • Cryptocurrency
  • Automotive
  • CRM Software
  • Gaming
  • Streaming and Video
  • WebGL and in-browser graphics processing

Have a project you need help with? Let me know!

ICE Scoring

As a developer I prefer ICE Scoring, providing tasks with a measurable metric for priority. This is how I limit my intake of tasks and provide the most accurate timescales possible.

Issue Tracking and Task Management

GitHub Issues, JIRA, Confluence, Trello, Monday, and other platforms have been part of my journey as a developer, and I stand by any task management application that provides the same accountability. Story-driven development is nice, if not slightly outclassed by more modern approaches.

Markup-First Websites

The single biggest difference you'll find in my code compared to most developers is a simple, well-defined usage of HTML tags and core language functions, using specific standardized tags where applicable and relegating usage of frameworks and libraries to situations where there is no simpler choice.

Mobile-First CSS

With nearly 10 years of experience with media queries and modern CSS, I have accustomed to mobile-first development tactics to create beautiful responsive websites that benchmark well.

User Data Encryption

Security is at the top of my priority list as a developer, and I've worked with various encryption methodologies, including several independent custom integrations with low-level encryption support in many languages.

Headless CMS

Contentful, Strapi, and others are a mainstay in my development workflow, providing clients with easy access to updating content, products, images, and more for their sites with easy-to-understand flows through the JAM stack.

KISS Mentality

Following after the great minds of such as Justin Jackson, I believe that websites are only as good as their markup, and styles come second. I begin with the smallest possible deliverable and work out, following an Agile-esque MVP standard which helps me get more done faster.

Limiting Overhead

While many developers prefer to use prebuilt solutions such as WordPress plugins or a plethora of external NodeJS libraries, I prefer to keep things simple, with most websites not requiring much more than a static site generator and a small API server to perform to perfection.