Bruce Caldwell

Senior-level Full Stack Developer for PHP and JAM Stack Applications

I make websites that load fast and increase sales. Hire me!

Job Experience

SoloprenuerBriine, LLC2020 - 2021My responsibilites have included:
  • Successfully organizing project materials and requirements while working closely with a small team of contracted developers and marketing professionals.
  • Providing consultation for increasing bottom-line with higher conversions for clients while updating UI/UX elements.
  • Engaging clients with cutting-edge web technologies such as Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) and Progressive Web Apps (PWA) to lower page speed.
  • Consulting on usage of analytics and marketing tools to continue data-driven decision making on future development.
Web ConsultantVantage Mobility International2020 - 2021During this time I:
  • Provided development and technical support and consulting services to help transition the company to a new development flow following my leave at AMS Vans.
  • Provided technical feedback and QA for in-house development team.
Financial Backend DeveloperBitPay, Inc2019-2019In my short time at BitPay I:
  • Worked with the financial team to produce reporting tools that meet the ever-changing requirements of a payment processor.
  • Provided quality code QA and review for various members of the team.
  • Ensured proper server/client relationship in cases where API methods could cause server stresses.
Lead Web DeveloperAMS Vans, LLC2017 - 2019My work at AMS included:
  • Establishing internal data structures and processing flows to keep members across the entire company running smoothly.
  • Multiple website redevelops and redesigns while decreasing page speed and lowering bounce rates.
  • Implementing flows to allow marketing professionals at the company to take on various goals for pushing conversions higher while increasing customer success.
Backend NodeJS DeveloperNetJump Empathy, Ideas, and Innovation2016 - 2017While at NetJump I:
  • Worked closely with database modeling, project management, and became more comfortable with goal expectation and project timescale.
  • Began learning advanced DevOps with Express and various precursors to the JAM stack, which later would send me to React/NextJS.
Contract Freelance DeveloperElance, Upwork2015 - 2016I spent time learning to:
  • Understand client requirements, provide feedback and constructive QA sessions to increase project success.
  • Provide marketable UI/UX experiences for consumer-level web applications.
  • Create storyboards and score tasks for collaborative workspaces.
Technical Support RepresentativeWebSharks, Inc.2014 - 2015WebSharks taught me to:
  • Provide quality technical feedback in the case of complicated installation requirements.
  • Track down inconsistencies within various server environments and implementations.
  • Use the linux command line as a main interface to most technical environments.

Skill Breakdown

10 / 10
10 / 10
9 / 10
9 / 10
9 / 10
9 / 10
Laravel (Symphony)
9 / 10
8 / 10
8 / 10
7 / 10
Bash / Zsh
7 / 10

Projects I've Made


Projects I Love


Code Specialty

My coding background comes from years of working with many companies and individuals promoting and selling subscriptions, physical products, software, and everything in-between. Because I work closely with clients my strengths lie in my ability to turn inspiration into reality, providing adequate user experience while nailing SEO and pagespeed factors through tools like SEM Rush, Google Analytics and Lighthouse, and various statistical averages across the world.

A breakdown of my focuses is below:

10 / 10
9 / 10
SEO / Marketing
8 / 10
8 / 10

Other Interests

I have industry-relevant experience in the following demographics:
  • Ecommerce
  • Cryptocurrency
  • Automotive
  • CRM Software
  • Gaming
  • Streaming and Video
  • WebGL and in-browser graphics processing

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ICE Scoring

As a developer I prefer ICE Scoring, providing tasks with a measurable metric for priority. This is how I limit my intake of tasks and provide the most accurate timescales possible.

Issue Tracking and Task Management

GitHub Issues, JIRA, Confluence, Trello, Monday, and other platforms have been part of my journey as a developer, and I stand by any task management application that provides the same accountability. Story-driven development is nice, if not slightly outclassed by more modern approaches.

Markup-First Websites

The single biggest difference you'll find in my code compared to most developers is a simple, well-defined usage of HTML tags and core language functions, using specific standardized tags where applicable and relegating usage of frameworks and libraries to situations where there is no simpler choice.

Mobile-First CSS

With nearly 10 years of experience with media queries and modern CSS, I have accustomed to mobile-first development tactics to create beautiful responsive websites that benchmark well.

User Data Encryption

Security is at the top of my priority list as a developer, and I've worked with various encryption methodologies, including several independent custom integrations with low-level encryption support in many languages.

Headless CMS

Contentful, Strapi, and others are a mainstay in my development workflow, providing clients with easy access to updating content, products, images, and more for their sites with easy-to-understand flows through the JAM stack.

KISS Mentality

Following after the great minds of such as Justin Jackson, I believe that websites are only as good as their markup, and styles come second. I begin with the smallest possible deliverable and work out, following an Agile-esque MVP standard which helps me get more done faster.

Limiting Overhead

While many developers prefer to use prebuilt solutions such as WordPress plugins or a plethora of external NodeJS libraries, I prefer to keep things simple, with most websites not requiring much more than a static site generator and a small API server to perform at perfection.